All tanks must be fitted by a suitably registered, qualified, or equal and approved engineer. The Envirostore Warranty may be affected if not installed correctly, or if any unauthorised work has been carried out on the tank, without the knowledge or permission of Envirostore Tanks Ltd. For details on the current recommendations, consult a suitably registered, qualified, or equal and approved engineer.

  • There have been recent updates notified from OFTEC in regards to base dimensions on tanks, distances from properties, safe working heights and fire protection installations.

    It is illegal to install a Single Skin Tank in Wales.

    For further information on these, or any other installation queries, please consult your ‘’Suitably Qualified Engineer/Installer.’’

    Whilst Envirostore Tanks Ltd are more than happy to assist customers with installation queries and questions, your Installer is ultimately responsible for all matters on the installation of your chosen tank.

  • All new and replacement oil storage tanks, should be provided with secondary containment as per BS 5410 Parts 1 & 2.

  • The Inner Spill Tray must be kept clean and dry at all times. Locks need to be kept in good working order and can be maintained by using WD40 or a similar maintenance type spray.
  • All Bunded Tanks, including Waste Oil, carry a 10 year warranty, Fuel Dispensers and Adblue Tanks carry a 5 year warranty, Single Skin Tanks, including Water Tanks, carry a 2 year warranty. Pumps on Fuel Dispensers carry a 1 year warranty. Filstop has a 1 year warranty and Hoses on Fuel Dispensers carry a 3 months warranty. For details of warranty on Gauges, please consult the appropriate gauge manufacturers details separately.
  • Connection and/or maintenance of electrical Pumping equipment, should only be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor. Failure to do so, may effect your warranty on the pump and/or the tank itself.
  • Electric pumps should NOT be run off a generator and avoid using an extension cable as using either of these methods to power the pump can run the risk of an electric shock, and may affect your warranty in the event of a pump failure.
  • Fuel Dispensers should be used only for storage and dispensing of diesel fuels to BS and EN standards. (If Bio-Diesel greater than 7% mix is to be used, please consult Envirostore Tanks Limited, before making your purchase).
  • Fuel Dispensers should NEVER be transported on the back of vehicles when containing fuel, and should not be moved or lifted when fuel is inside the tank itself.
  • The Inner Spill Tray must be kept clean and dry at all times. If for any reason the Inner Spill Tray has water spilt into it then do not remove  the bung.
  • Do not store or dispense petrol from any tank shown in this brochure
  • The pictures in this brochure are not to be used as installation guidance
  • Dimensions shown are approximate. Capacity details shown as Brimful and Nominal.
  • Patent pending on Inner Spill Tray.
  • Envirostore Tanks Limited reserve the right to amend tank designs and sizes, to use alternative pumps and/ or equipment without prior notice.


Welsh Government Regulation Bunded Tanks
New Oil Storage Regulations Are Now In force In Wales
New regulations came into force in Wales on the 15th March 2016, stating all new installations must be bunded. Further information can be found on the Welsh Government website or visit

Mae Rheoliadau Storio Olew Newydd Bellach Mewn Grym Yng Nghymru
Daeth rheoliadau newydd i rym yng Nghymru ar 15eg Mawrth 2016, yn dweud bod rhaid i bob tanc olew a osodir o’r newydd fod wedi’i Fyndio. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth ar wefan Llywodraeth Cymru neu ewch i


Installations on the Channel Islands
For more information on the installation of oil storage tanks on Guernsey, please visit the Website Here.
For more information on the installation of oil storage tanks on Jersey please visit the Website Here.
To view Jerseys Environmental Protection's oil care page visit the Website Here.

Tank SafeLiability Statement
Envirostore accept liability for the replacement of faulty tanks, but accept no liabilty for loss of fuel and/or environment or property damage due to spillage of fuel from a Single Skin Tank. BS5410 Standard requires a fuel tank to have a 20 year life expectancy and this confirms the need to fit an Envirostore Bunded Tank.