Envirostore understand that it is important for customers to have the back up of a warranty when and if required. Provided our tanks have been correctly installed or commissioned, by an OFTEC Registered Installer, in accordance with OFTEC recommendations, the following warranty applies.

To ensure your tank condition, and to protect the environment around your tank, please follow some simple guidelines.

  1. Envirostore Tanks Limited advise that a risk assessment should be carried out before installation by an OFTEC or equal and approved registered engineer. Regional requirements may vary.
  2. Envirostore Tanks Limited, recommend that a Bunded Oil Tank be installed to ALL applications, including domestic.
  3. Oil Tanks should be installed by an OFTEC or equal and approved registered engineer.
  4. Should your OFTEC or equal and approved registered engineer have concerns over the condition of the tank, or feels that the tank may be damaged, please contact our office immediately. DO NOT INSTALL THE TANK IF YOU THINK IT IS BADLY DAMAGED.
  5. Your tank should be lifted using appropriate equipment, i.e. fork lift, or equipment capable of using straps to lift the tank. Avoid lifting the tank by hand, as this could cause injury to you or people around you.
  6. The lid should to be closed correctly and locked after filling and maintenance. The lid area and inner spill tray should be keep clean, dry and free of dirt. Hinges and locks should be regulary maintained with suitable oil or WD40.
  7. When installing the tank, never install directly onto lawned or soft areas, or areas where the tank can be damaged, i.e. stony areas, or gravel paths.
  8. The tank should be installed on a suitable base, either a correctly constructed concrete base, or concrete slabs, where the tank is fully supported on its entire length and width across the base. If using pillars to support the tank, these should be of a suitable material, i.e. engineering bricks, or concrete blocks, and supported using concrete lintels and concrete slabs. For advice on base details, visit the OFTEC website for advice or contact an OFTEC or equal and approved registered engineer. (Your warranty could be affected if the tank is not supported correctly.)
  9. To comply with BS5410 All Envirostore Bunded Tanks have been manufactured so as to provide a 20 year expected working life. Owners and installers of Envirostore Bunded and Firecheck Tanks are provided with confirmation that the equipment has a 20 year expected working life when correctly installed, used and maintained. This documentation and records of installation and maintenance should be retained by the owner for the lifetime of the installation.
  10. All Bunded Tanks have a 20 year life expectancy. Fuel Dispensers and Waste Oil Tanks carry a 5 year warranty. Single Skin Tanks, including Water Tanks, carry a 2 year warranty. Pumps on Fuel Dispensers, Filstops, Locks, Hinges and Fitting Packs carry a 1 year warranty. Hoses on Fuel Dispensers carry a 3 month warranty. For details of warranty on gauges, please consult the appropriate gauge manufacturers details separately.
  11. If you have any queries on any Envirostore UK product, please contact us directly.

Warranty on tanks may be affected if not installed correctly, or if any unauthorised work has been carried out on the tank, without the knowledge or permission of Envirostore Tanks Limited.

Warranty on Pumps, Hoses, Nozzels, Fittings and Gauges, may be affected if item has been tampered with, broken, vandalised or abused in any way.

Please note that regional requirements may vary in Scotland and the Channel Islands.